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Date Created: 7/24/14
Date Updated: 1/11/2018


IDEA: Moving the database into the Amazon cloud was not an easy decision for the Sackett Group -- after all, they depended on their SQL Server for 24/7 availability. IDEA: An unwanted visitor could easily shut down the server for everyone by sending it corrupt authentications. App-Project eliminated this risk by putting in a cloud based VPN that created a hardened point of entry for authorized users. BENEFIT: Downtime due to Intrusion Attempts AVOIDED.


With certifications in ITIL, Java, and more in progress on SQL Server, Jira, and Amazon Web Services, your technical team won't be wanting to know where to go next.

With more than five years in an environments that required careful ROI justification and tracking, ensure that your future requests for funding will get a green light.

Managing a four hundred million dollar order pipeline with for a top 20 e-commerce player, we learned how to measure twice and cut once.

The best way to safeguard efficiency is to deliver a series of small improvements as quickly as possible: prevent costly pit stops by continually discovering new and better ways to do this.


Here are the points that resonated with the business.

benefit of automated testing

  • saves 10%-50% developer time. developers get work done faser.
  • allows bugs to be found more quickly, thus reducing business impact.
  • increases the velocity of development.
  • more comprehensive than manual testing; run full regression every time
  • supports rapid integration testing and operations tests, useful for doing rapid deployments

benefit of this tool specifically

  • creates generic java platform for building tests written in java
  • allows site to be tested in maven/jenkins/gradle toolchain
  • safely manages credentials, excluding them from shared repo
  • provides selenium webdriver and Browserstack capability for java shops

three alternatives

  1. Use Selenium IDE. This deprecated product is limited to Firefox.
  2. Use Selenium with a javascript framework. Although javascript has gained in popularity it is not accessible from junit test library; separate test libraries would need to be maintained.
  3. Use manual testing with scripts and checklists. This is how we currently do things. It is error-prone and in many cases problems have slipped through. It does not give developers immediate feedback and is expensive to do for multiple devices.



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